A little bit about me...


Jim Skovmand working

Growing up in a family of carpenters, electricians and plumbers, I have always had an interest in solving problems found in buildings.

I have been doing construction projects since I was a kid. As early as the fifth grade I was swinging hammers, when I helped my family add rooms to our home. In high school my parents, brother, grandfather and I built our new family home in North San Diego County.

My early employment years were spent working retail jobs in hardware and appliance stores. I learned to quickly connect with someone, to assess their problem and find a solution for them myself, or know where they can turn if we didn't have what they needed.

I have always taken that approach, which is why this site also has listings of others who can help you in some specialty fields.

Jim Skovmand working

I pursued a career in photography through an Industrial Education/Photography degree at Cal State Long Beach, which led me to working in the newspaper industry.

During my 33 years working for newspapers, I was tapped to spend nearly a decade dealing with space, budgeting, supply and remodeling projects at The San Diego Union-Tribune as Photo Editor for Operations.

Along with making sure our department ran smoothly, I worked with the Building Engineers, and Telecommunications and Information Technology departments while leading remodeling and staff relocation projects at the paper's offices in Mission Valley and throughout the county.

With Skovmand Solutions, I return to hands-on, personal service work as I help people with repairs and improvements around the house. And along the way, if you have any photographic needs, I can help you with those as well.

Jim Skovmand